In the Shadow of the Almighty

Psalms 90 and 91 are meant to comfort the church in the wilderness, like the Lord comforted Moses and the Israelites for 40 years as they were set apart from the world. But it was also a time of great maturity and growth that prepared them for the coming of his son. Listen to Psalms 90 to Psalms 91

The weight of your glory

Four things God is to those in that secret place

1. A refuge or hiding place

2. A fortress or a place of protection

3. God is a true and faithful God

4. A trust a place for security and peace/comfort

Five things he will do for those dweling in the secret place

1. Deliver from the snare ( trap set for the righteous) and fowler ( wicked men, demons, fallen angels)

2. Deliver from the noisome ( rushing calamity set to devour) pestilance (deadly/overwhelming disease)

3. Cover with his feathers (protection and care/his true nature)

4. Protect under his wings (keeps covanant/promises to his faithful/obedient)

5. Make truth a shield and a buckler (protects the body,vital parts from the weapons that thrusts through and arrows that fly) Spiritual application

Six Fold Blessing of Abiding in Secret Place

1. not afraid of night terrors (terrorism, treason, plunders,robbery, murders,evils,diseases)

2. not afraid of day arrows

3. Not afraid of pestilence

4. Not afraid of noonday destructions

5. though 1000's may fall the destroyer does not come near thee

6. You see the wicked rewarded ( the results of the plagues on the wicked)

Verse 13- this is a promise of power over wild beats, creeping things, the enemy and demonic powers, darkness. The Sword of Truth is the word of truth, the scripture. The Holy Spirit is that Spirit of Truth . Thank you lord for being our shields and our sword when we face the enemy!