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It Is Finished

Throughout the gospels, Jesus' spoke many wonderful and inspiring words. From his first words recorded in Luke 2:49 And he said unto them, "How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business"? to the greatest note of triumph ever sounded in the ears of a startled universe was that sounded on the Cross of Christ— “It is finished!” (John 19:30). That is the final word in the redemption of humankind.

I have often thought about those three little words. Three little words that made the biggest impact on mankind. Three little words that changed death into eternal life. Let's really consider those words. In that moment, Christ was not simply stating the obvious - that His earthly life was over. He was declaring that our sins were forgiven once and for all, their price paid by His sacrifice.

In that moment and by his death, Christ paid the price for every sin no matter how great – even for mine. Every wrong I had ever or would ever commit was forgiven, the debt for it paid in full, before I ever drew my first breath. I only had to accept it. How could that be?

The death of Jesus Christ is the fulfillment in history of the very mind and intent of God. There is no place for seeing Jesus Christ as a martyr. His death was not something that happened to Him— something that might have been prevented. His death was the very reason He came.

Never build your case for forgiveness on the idea that God is our Father and He will forgive us because He loves us. That contradicts the revealed truth of God in Jesus Christ. It makes the Cross unnecessary, and the redemption “much ado about nothing.” God forgives sin only because of the death of Christ. God could forgive people in no other way than by the death of His Son, and Jesus is exalted as Savior because of His death. “We see Jesus…for the suffering of death crowned with glory and honor…” (Hebrews 2:9).

Anything that lessens or completely obliterates the holiness of God, through a false view of His love, contradicts the truth of God as revealed by Jesus Christ. Never allow yourself to believe that Jesus Christ stands with us, and against God, out of pity and compassion, or that He became a curse for us out of sympathy for us. Jesus Christ became a curse for us by divine decree. Our part in realizing the tremendous meaning of His curse is the conviction of sin. Conviction is given to us as a gift of shame and repentance; it is the great mercy of God. Jesus Christ hates the sin in people, and Calvary is the measure of His hatred.

Today, as you consider the events from the day Jesus was crucified, as you ponder that weighty moment when His spirit passed, try speaking those words aloud (even if you have to whisper them to get them out): When He said, ‘It is finished,’ He was talking about me.

Then say it again. Accept this truth, and annihilate the lie that your sins are too great or too numerous. How does it feel to know that every mistake – past, present or future – is covered and the debt is paid in full? He was talking about me. He was talking about you.


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