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Jesus meet us at the gate of revival!

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Meet Us At The Gate of Revival, Jesus Zephaniah 3:20 At the time I will bring you in, even at the time I gather you together: in deed I will give you reown and praise among all the peoples of the earth, when I restore your fortunes before your eyes. Prayer: Heavenly Father I come in prayer for revival and that your Zeal Fire of your Holy Spirit would be aflame in the hearts of the inhabitants of our nation, as well as other nations. Our nation has drifted far from you Lord. The spiritual condition of our schools, churches, government offices, our communities, our neighborhoods and our very homes are very low indeed. Lord we have fallen away from a repentant heart and have walked away from remaining in a humble spirit. Church attendance is poor, the message is watered down and we are no longer going to the alter in prayer when we are there. We turn to everything under the sun first instead of turning to Jesus first. Lord sin abounds on every side and our morals are slipping.

Lord I ask and pray that you would move suddenly, like an unexpected tornado or whirlwind. Let your spirit God sweep through the land and over our friends, families and churches. May it sweep through these fields of hearts. Lord Almighty fill the congregations to capacity and overflow the churches with meeting and prayer groups day and night. Lord lift the voices of your people in prayer, praise, rejoicing, thanksgiving, testifying, singing and worship. Let that sound of the hearts and souls be heard in your throne room as loud as trumpets. May the fire and zeal sweep through the congregations in torrents like revival rain and blessings falling from heaven. Lord draw hundreds of souls to a place of surrender and cause a marvelous and indescribable scene to take place. Like nothing ever before ,Holy Spirit have your way. May the far reaching move of the Holy Spirit travel from church to church, town to town, city to city, county to county, district to district and state to state. Yes Holy Spirit a face to face and heart to heart spiritual revival.

Lord your all sufficient and all encompassing with your love, mercy, grace, truth and forgiveness. Your compassion truly touches us! Lord surround us with your peace from the North, South East and to the West. Go before us Lord Jesus and behind us as a fire. Anoint us upon our heads with joy, gladness, praise, thanksgiving and Zeal Fire of Revival. Let your Spirit be felt everywhere, the stores, the library, the gas stations, schools, banks, community centers, the highway, the parks, the bus stations and the train stations. Lord we ask and pray that you would take territory in your great and mighty matchless name. That you would bless the people going in and going out of those cities in which your glory may fall. Yes Lord we want to glorify your name at every corner, every door, the valley, the mountain top, every dry place and at every gathering.

Lord I speak life and salvation in Christ over those who are in unbelief, scoffers, doubters, those that are foolish, thieves, drunkards, gamblers, abusers, victims, those in bondage, those imprisoned, those hospitalized, the forgotten, the elderly, the children, the youth, the veterans, the sick, the poor and those who have given up on life or on happiness. Raise up those who will stand in the gap and shine a light of hope for those who are hurting. As a reminder and pointing to you Jesus! Help us share that message of repentance, forgivingness and healing. Lord set those captives free from bondage , oppression, suppression and depression. Break every yoke and set them free from all things that come to steal, kill and destroy any joy and happiness. Hope, faith, trust and truth is in you Jesus! Bring a mighty great breakthrough, clarity and perspective of the true nature of their situation. Lord Jesus I speak hope, Resurrection life, love, faith, peace, joy, gladness, patience, trust, kindness, mercy, grace, forgiveness, charity, giving, self control. obedience, blessings, gifts, newness, abundance, gratefulness, thanksgiving, virtue, dignity, integrity, passion, compassion , repentance, humbleness and reconciliation over any and all of those who suffer from not having salvation in Christ and that suffer grieve and lack because of that. Lord I speak wholeness, unity, harmony and completeness in the Holy Spirit over them in there very need. That the day of revival for them has arrived. This is your kingdom and the graces of that kingdom. Lord help us to have the words to pray for those who are in need.

Lord I ask and pray that as the days, weeks, months, quarters and years go by ,more and more are set free, revived, receive salvation and new life. That the stories, testimonies and praises are in overflow and that once again your mark of love and compassion reaches the multitudes on a grand scale. That your name is exalted, magnified and glorified above every name because it is the name that brings deliverance! tI pray that all the praise , worship , glory and every hallelujah is directed to you Lord Jesus. Our King of king, Lord of Lords, our refuge, fortress, strong tower, redeemer, deliverer, healer, counselor and our great comforter. Jesus you are the great Shepard, the great fisher of men and a wonderful savoir and the one who overcame the world and death. I thank you for hearing our prayers, petitions, pleas and cries for our situation as well as those who are in need or without a voice. I pray that first and foremost that your will be done in earth as it is in heaven. Lord I thank you for the opportunity to co- labor with my brothers and sisters in your Kingdom to come. I am equally grateful for every foundation of your kingdom that you so gracefully built. Your the head and cornerstone of all things and what a joy it is to know that you have already prepared and your instructions are right in your divinely inspired message to your children. Your word is a priceless treasure as is your Holy Spirit that endlessly works to bring us closer and closer to you! I say come Lord Jesus come. We bless your HOLY name. In Jesus Christ, Yeshua, Yah's name I pray amen.

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13 feb 2019

Lord Jesus, I stand in faith with my sister Crystal for revival during these times and I declare to You and I too ask in Your name Jesus, Amen.

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