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The Lord called three of us into a prayer mission in the late 70’s, and little did we know then, the long journey He had placed us on. It begin with my Mother Ruthie, my friend Naomi, and myself, who found we each had a desire to reach out to people who had lost hope from illnesses, imprisonment, perceived failures, and who faced the multitudes of real life challenges. Our hearts were burdened for people who had the heart felt question, “Does anyone out there care that I am hurting?”

So began the journey with our Lord by three humble ladies desiring to share His promises. We became known as: Little Match Girl, Lady Redbird, and Church Mouse with a burning desire to bless others. We plunged in with a fervor, designing one or two page letters with embedded pictures, poems, scriptures, and uplifting notes of encouragement. It wasn’t long and we were hand mailing over 300 of these letters which we called “The Candlestick Messenger”

An invitation is extended to you to share our inspirational posts. May you experience the peace of Jesus Christ in knowing that He loves and understands.

May you hear the call of the Holy Spirit within these posts.

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