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A Heart-Cry

A Heart-cry for inner Peace, Calm and Hope

Abba Father,

Thank you for your arms of grace and mercy,

also for your son the Lamb, our King for

his ransom paid for all humanity.

Compassion and passion manifested in the world.

Holy Spirit, please encircle us,

Ministering angels encamp around us,

Come hold us close, safe and secure.

Wrap our mind up with your truth and love,

Guide our thoughts, will and calm our fears.

Steady our emotions, lead our to my rock,

Lord that you would guide our feelings,

May we not be overcome by the waves and the winds.

Sustain our souls, lead us to green pastures,

With vision for the future with joy and peace,

Days filled with blessings and rest in your presence,

Help us to rest by the calm waters and drink deeply

For life more abundantly and to have hope for tomorrow.

Thank you for being the keeper of our souls.

In Jesus Christ amen I pray amen.

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