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The Story Of The Candlestick Messenger By Vonda Mailen 

The Lord called me into a prayer mission in the late 70’s, and little did I know then, the long journey He had placed me on. It begin with three people, my Mother Ruthie, my friend Naomi, and myself. We found we each had a desire to reach out to people who had lost hope from illnesses, imprisonment, perceived failures, and who faced the multitudes of real life challenges. Our hearts were burdened for people who had the heart felt question,


“Does anyone out there care that I am hurting?”

We plunged in with a fervor, designing one or two page letters with embedded pictures, poems, scriptures, and uplifting notes of encouragement. It wasn’t long and we were hand mailing over 300 of these letters which we called “The Candlestick Messenger” produced by Little Match Girl (myself), Church Mouse(Naomi), and Lady Redbird (Ruthie).

As the internet developed, we designed several other intercessory prayer websites that reached out to all first responders who live extremely stressful lives and often lay their lives down for others.

The Candlestick Messenger linked to the First Responders web site, as did our Christian "Music Row" web site produced by ShyAnne. We managed these 20+ years and blessings flowed.

Throughout this time, I learned the importance of taking time out to ask the LORD to help those in crises and to respond to them when the means were available – not as a counselor, or pastor, but as a person who had experienced many trials and saw the miracles in trusting Jesus Christ.


We answered the call to intercessory prayer.  Prayer intercession gave us the opportunity to witness many miracles and develop relationships with family, friends, emergency responders, and acquaintances, many of whom we will not meet until we are Heaven side.

Prayer warriors are not judges, or gossips. We are called to pray in one accord!

To be in one accord it is important to know ~

1) for whom you are praying 

2) what you are asking God to do.


This is necessary in order to line up your request with the Word of Almighty God in the Bible.

We are given the authority to use the name of Jesus and the authority to plead the blood of Jesus upon specific requests.  We can anticipate answers when our requests are in line with

the written will of God,  as taught in the Bible.  Amazing things can happen!

I am grateful that there are still people who are willing to pray for others and to storm the
gates of Hell with confidence believing that our God says “nothing is impossible” in His
supernatural realm.


We are promised eternal life by accepting that his only beloved son, Jesus Christ, came to earth,

lived among us in the flesh, was crucified on the cross, arose from the dead, and ascended

to Heaven to prepare a place for us to one day live eternally.

This beautiful land beyond our imagination is called “Heaven.”

I invite you to share our inspirational posts and may you experience the peace of Jesus.
Christ can remove all fear of things to come because He says he is ALWAYS WITH US and  “we WIN!”
May you hear the call of the Holy Spirit in your lives within these posts. 


Inspired by :Little Match Girl and Church Mouse

Sharing Your Testimony is Exalting his name and giving Jesus all the glory for everything! Sharing hope in Christ and our faith in his ability to bring change can really encourage others. Break your silence and reach out and share or just be encouraged in Christ Jesus.


In 2019, Wisdom's Oil replaced The Candlestick Messenger's website presence.

Visit our First Responder's room and leave a message with Mike, retired from law enforcement.  We appreciate the dedication and sacrifice of all First Responders. 


Enjoy personal stories of people's journeys through life challenges, poems,

paintings, and an abundance of love.  The Prayer Room is always open...



Click the link below to visit Wisdom's Oil...  

Wisdoms Oil LOGO 2019.jpg

We light this perpetual candle in appreciation and remembrance of

all the courageous first responders who have laid down their lives

to save others and for all those who continue to serve

If you have a testimony or a praise report you would like to share, email Sister Vonda. She rejoices in the Christ Jesus with us because she knows how wonderful our Savior is.  It can be a special encounter, a healing, a miracle breakthrough or a significant season of your life.  You may use first name and initial for last name .  

Allow a few days to process and it will be posted the

"Over comers Shared Testimony" page.  

It is written...And they overcame the enemy by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony! This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!

We thank you, Lord Jesus,  for every opportunity we have to share how your mercy, grace, and forgiveness transforms us.  Together, as we share, help us grow stronger in our trust of your promises.


Teach us to break the silence and ask for help from your throne of grace and mercy.  As we testify to encourage others, let your glory descend upon those for whom we pray. 

Help them see you are REALITY, Jesus, and not the world.  

Thank you, LORD,  for being light and hope for all.  AMEN

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