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It was early morning and I was just finishing unloading the dishwasher. My first routine of the morning was almost completed and my cup of hot coffee was quickly cooling off. As I headed for a chair at the breakfast table, the phone rang! Untangling the long curling cord, I said as kindly as I could muster: "Hello?"

Hey Liz! "I heard over the land-lined wire. "Do you know who this is, she asked?" It was my oldest sister on the other end who lived many miles away down south. So of course I responded yes and that I wouldn't forget the sound of her voice. After all the "how you been", and "happy birthdays" were said, the conversation moved into the topic of health status. This topic seems to run towards a primary place of a priority in multiple conversations over the past two years --no matter where we go, or who we socialize with or even disclose personal information to. And of course along with that there is always someone who asks that dreadful question!

Why don't people ask questions like: How did that enema go that you were given or took yesterday? Why don't you ever hear about the cloudiness of urine or the viscosity of phlegm that you just spit into the sink after brushing your teeth? But no, of course not! Asking that would just be just too personal! One might even think that it was someone's own business and disapprove of asking such a thing or even so far as understanding that it was rude to ask such a question and blatantly infringing on another person's right to their own privacy! Why is it that for the last two years, people tend to take the role of their physician or their nurse by asking personal health or medical questions of one another? What is it that has changed and why has it changed. Why is it not alright to ask someone if they are taking birth control injections but its just peachy keen to ask if they've taken a vaccine?

Who started this? Who pushed and strategized to change common courtesy and respect and change the meaning of legally, privileged personal medical information? Was it the President? Was it Congress? Was it the Police or the CIA, Osha, WHO, WEF, the Garden Club or the Department of Education and the local PTA? I know who it was! it was the Russians. It was the Russians that did it! Or maybe it was Trump?

Why do people even answer the question of : Did you take the jab? Have people become so amiable to being agreeable that they no longer choose to draw a verbal boundary line?

I am well aware that some people will and often ask ignorant questions of one another simply because they have never been taught as a child, that there are certain things and questions we just don't ask as they are unacceptable to ask in polite society.

When a someone asks a personal question there are circumstances that surround a relationship that qualifies that the question to be reasonably asked without it becoming that of an an unacceptable nature. One reason is its a spousal relationship. Another could be one of a medical relationship. Even acceptable in a confidential conversation could be that between a priest and a worshipper or a parent and a child, or a close family member. There may be other relationships that would be appropriate for such personal communication of privacy issues, but that is for each one of us to decide.

I must go further and ask you, the reader on what basis or for what reason would anyone not in those close or confidential relationships be asking you that question?

I happen to believe that if each person would just take a minute to think about this that it might stop some of the chaos, anger, and resentments. It might limit the nonsensical discussions and bias that is present in societies. And it might extinguish much opposition for those who may be opposed or in favor of or the objections associated with vaccine injections. But most of all it would diminish the hatred and the persecution that abounds. People just might become kinder and more gentle. They may even grow to once again love their neighbors as they do themselves.

Freedom of information is not freedom of asking a personal question of someone! Someone has to obviously talk about this for a change to take place and get back to respecting the rights of others and put this into the right level of priorities.

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