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There are so many things that we learn in the layers of love and wisdom in the Living Word. Often times the men that lead their families are highlighted with great promise and are worthy of our attention. The accounts in the word are a beautiful learning tool on balance. Our Holy Scriptures show us how the Lord has used his children to exalt his name and message to the world. To share his news and message of great purpose concerning his kingdom to come. Through the recordings of patriarchs, prophets, teachers, and evangelists we learn the blessings and the pitfalls of life. We learn about falling away and chastisement. I have done a lot of thinking about the balance of women and men with in our families and within our churches and communities. I have thought about the role each family member has in the family and how they are equally needed. That brings up the point that our church is a family in Christ. The ladies are always bring such a wonderful touch to the church. I feel that the daughters of God are and have been great helpers and leaders in furthering the message of good news. Phoebe was one that was revered and respected very much by Apostle Paul. He valued her contributions to the church. l pray that our Lord has a message of restoration for his people hidden in the stories of the women of the bible. They are certainly equally valued before the Lord. That respectful place that men and women have for one another is something that should be rooted within our hearts. It is the great image of harmony, unity and respect. This is not about some kind of battle of the sexes. It is about marriage, family and unity. It is also about respect, communication and balance of physical, emotional and spiritual heart conditions.

The Lord has worked in mighty ways in the lives of the daughters and wives of so many yesterday, today and he will continue to use the daughters tomorrow as well. I do want to remind you that understanding the women in the word that did not exalt the Lord our Creator is equally important. These ladies of disobedience and disrespect really impacted things. For example Jezebel took a hold of the kingdom and stripped her husband for his rightful place as the King. Her authority was overbearing to say the least. Also the wife of the King before Queen Esther, was quite selfish and unruly. So as daughters of God we do not want to fall in those pitfalls or snares that the enemy may lay in our path. This study of the women is something that I think that everyone can benefit from , men and women alike. It can serve as equally inspiring for us as we search for a higher calling and a faithful walk with the Lord. I pray that the Lord teaches us in new ways as well as lead us to be respectable to the role of each member of the body of Christ has. The role of the family is under attack currently. The identity of family has been torn down. Their are many children suffering from this fundamental change. I pray a lot for the preservation of family and that we can prosper in the Lord spiritually for our families to flourish. The mothers role and the Fathers role are equally important but carry unique roles for the family. That unity and harmony is a picture of what we are to Christ as his church and his Bride. Setting that example for the young is just what we are called to do. I pray that this journey will be a blessing and a gift to each of us and that the Lord will bless us each in a unique and personal way.

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