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God's Amazing Grace

It’s so hard to see someone you love hurting. It’s amazing the pain we can feel, even when it’s not our pain. When someone goes through a tough time. Longer than weeks. Longer than months. You are in a season of difficulty. My heart aches for the hurt they have. I hear the pain and disappointment and struggle. I can see it in her eyes. It is right in the midst of it — where it is hard to see the light. Where darkness seems like it will never end. I wish I could just make it all better, but the only thing I can do is reassure them through my experiences, that grace will help them hold on to hope that things will get better. Grace can help us put aside our own understanding or lack of understanding. I know His grace can touch their heart and transform their life. There are dark places in this life. Seasons when we’re searching for answers and finding none. Seasons when we’re reaching out to Him, yet we feel our faith in His promises slipping. Seasons that we just feel are lacking. Lacking in faith. Lacking in patience. Lacking in trust. We may not see the work He is doing in our heart, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. His grace finds us. His grace will keep us going. His grace will be sufficient even when our faith isn’t. “My grace is sufficient for you.” {2 Corinthians 12:9} In these times, He doesn’t let us go. God calls us to wait, He calls us to be patient. He meets us in this place. No matter what this season looks like, we are covered in abundant amounts of grace. Grace covers all things. Even in the darkness when we can’t see the light. He longs to lift us up and bring us to His light. “Wait for the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord.” {Psalm 27:14} The way may not be clear, but He will not fail us. He does not give up on us. Be patient. Be trustful. He gives us full access to His grace every day. “For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace.” {John 1:16} God is moving in our lives regardless of our ability to see it. There is grace for us. His love is beyond our comprehension. Allow Him to fill your heart. Christ can change us immeasurably through His grace. He covers us in the grace and healing we need. Bring yourself as close to Him as possible and stay there. Ask Him in faith and you will find grace even in the shadow of darkness, and His grace will change your life. Amazing grace. Day in and day out.

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