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Prayers For This New Bill To Pass

Prayers For This Bill CRYSTAL SUZANNE

New Bill for Bible to be Added to Curriculum at Schools Healer

Heavenly Father I pray that you would place your sovereign hand over the movement of this bill to bring the bible into the curriculum as an enhancement to the education of our children in the schools of all ages. Lord we welcome this word and the mighty move of the Holy Spirit to have their way with this precious children. Lord Almighty we understand that this is a wonderful opportunity to rally fellow christains to stand behind this bill. Lord when we are in unity and harmony in spirit with the Holy Spirit, we are the salt and light. Help us Lord to encourage, bring awareness and come together in prayer for this spark of light to make it’s way into the class rooms once again. Lord that light is your divine words of truth. That spark of light is your perfect love written on every page. I know that this blessing would bring hope to the teachers, principles, students and so many more who come in contact with this wonderful action of love and faith shared. I pray that we can all see the mighty move of the Holy Spirits in our hearts as that love and faith will pour into homes, to neighbors, stores, businesses. I believe in the power of your Holy Spirit and I believe that it would move mountains in peoples lives. I believe it would bring change, miracles, wonders, healing and recovery to those who are hurting. Lord Jesus I believe that your name would be brought back to the dinner tables and prayer as well as faith would be ever present in families and relationships. Lord I believe that families would start to come together gain and work on their fruitfulness. It is not an easy road to recovery but it certainly is a life changing one. I pray that a lighthouse of hope would be erected in the communities again. With a banner of the Love in Christ Jesus over the hearts of our nation again. Lord I know that some won’t heed the call of the Holy Spirit and I realize some communities and cities wont have change. But Lord you said to rejoice for every new brother and sister in Christ. You said to not suffer the children. Luke 15:10 In the same way , I tell you there is joy in the presence of Gods angels over one sinner who repents. I believe that this is an opportunity to make a difference Lord. And I pray that we will arise and shine to the occasion. Lord that we would put on our strength and trust in you and shine the light of hope in Christ Jesus. Luke 18:16 But Jesus called the children to him and said “ Let the Children come unto me and do not hinder them. For the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Help us Lord to walk in the calling that you ordained for us. I pray that we will fulfill our faith and love to our fellow brothers and sister by supporting this new bill in every way possible. Lord I thank you for every things that you have done and everything that you will do. I am grateful for everyone that has been saved and redeemed and I grateful for everyone that will continue to be delivered and set free in Jesus Christ name. Your a mighty God and your able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we could ever ask. I thank you for the opportunity for our spiritual family to grow and our physical family to heal and recover. In Jesus Christ, Yeshua’s name I pray amen.

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