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Seeking the LORD for a blessing.

Father GOD, the MOST HIGH GOD: I thank you for choosing me. I thank you for all that you do and for you love and compassion and help and favor towards me. You know my heart. You are faithful and all deserving of all goodness in my being. I ask you to favor this chat and page and the sisters and brothers that come in here. I ask that you empower us with Your presence and give us discernment, wisdom, courage and strength to overcome odds in our lives on earth. LORD I pray you would favor us by using this chat for encouragement and comfort to bring support, wisdom in you, and fill our hearts with joy as 2 or more of us gather together...for we know that You will also be with us when we Gather together in YOUR name. I ask this blessing in the Name of Jesus, Yeshua of Nazareth-Your Son and our Savior. Amen

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Amen and agreed in Prayer. Thank you sister Vicki for that prayer! Hugs!

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