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It occured to me as I was thinking about my own interactions with various people, groups and did I come into contact with a mutation of a virus I had gained natural immunity from? The answer is this: mutations remain and are born a new whenever the original virus is threatened by extinction. It is as it always has been, only the strongest survive. Mutations as everyone knows is the strategy all life forms use to survive. It is survival of the fittest.

Aside from the inner workings and biomechanics of the virus and its additional designed features for rapid infection, I placed my focus on herd immunity. I know that I can only gain immunity for those foreign particles my immune system recognizes as foreign. But, If my immune system doesn't recognize them as foreign, then the unrecognized foreign particle will make itself at home in my body and function as it is programmed to. By interfering with or adding additional features to or deleting any instructions to my immune system, in-turn ---causes the functioning of my immune system to follow those instructions. Let me now introduce a scenario.


I met a guy from Peru. His name was Tedros. He was healthy and young. He was strong and physically fit. He had no diseases or disabilities. He lived in Peru his whole life. He was healthy and seldom if ever got sick. His immune system made a defense against all the foreign materials that inhabit Peru. But, when Tedros traveled to Cuba, there were different particles in that country or that part of the world. Tedros' immune system saw those particles. They had not seen them before. And so Tedros got sick. While Tedros was sneezing and wheezing and coughing, his immune system sent out the immune army against them. His natural immune system learned to recognize the cuban particle. After his brief period of symptoms, Tedros's immune system killed them and Tedros began to feel better. So from now on Tedros would not get sick in Cuba.

Peru was attacked by a foreign particle and everyone in Peru was getting sick. So Peru purchased billions of doses for a drug to end the attack. Little did all the Peruvians know that this drug was altering their immune systems. Even more, it was adding components into the drug. Those components were changing their immune systems and placing new directions into their natural immune systems. The Peruvians that took this drug were no longer secure with their natural immune system's functioning. They now had different instructions inside their bodies. The bio-medical term for this is "Gain of Function."

What people do not understand is that we can "wear out" our immune systems. It needs time to reproduce new "fighters." What occurs is gaps of insecurity. If Tedros's immune system didn't see a foreign enemy as an enemy, then he would have no fighters when attacked again. But if Tedros's fighters killed the enemy, then those 2nd brigade of fighters would remember the enemy's face! Tedros took the drug!!!! The drug had the enemy inside of it and now it was no longer detected as the enemy by his natural immune system. When the drug wore off....Tedros was left totally insecure with no shield. Once again the enemy would attack, but unlike before the drug...Tedros would not recognize it as the enemy. The enemy overwhelmed Tedros. The enemy overtook Tedros. Tedros took more of the drug. Tedros once again came in contact with the enemy. The enemy attacked. His immune system was no longer what he had originally and was born with. Now Tedros had the man-made immune system. this man made immune system didn't work like the natural one. And so even the common cold or another type of flu would become a life and death crisis. Eventually, Tedros got very sick and he died from the original enemy or the enemy's look-alike mutation.

Only those people with their original immune systems intact and unaltered by that drug can produce fighters and memory soldiers. Those who took the drug will only live long enough to be overcome by a mutation or another bout with that particular enemy or another subsequent enemy.

Because of the nature of the drug itself, herd immunity is impossible in a population consisting of those taking the drug and those who didn't. If Tedros lived in a country by itself without any immigration or any exportation of people....would herd immunity be possible? yes, but only by therapeutics given to those with a natural immune systems un-changed.

This is the reason why Biden and the evildoers are keeping the USA Borders wide open. It is for a purpose. It is an invasion. It is not just by numbers of people without means of caring for themselves. Nor is it an invasion of people with different ideologies or threats and violence and lawlessness and drug introduction and drug supply chain function, and sex trafficking But what people are not aware of is that this is a key method in which to destroy the nation's population. The goal is to keep the topography and infrastructures and natural resources, but remove the people. That purpose is to rid the nation of its population, while leaving the land, resources and infrastructure in place.

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