Trumpet of Your Voice




like a Trumpet


means lily

Lily is a cup

shaped flower

rain falls from heavenly places

it falls in the heart of that flower

it blesses it and helps the flower to grow

that lily flower is the shape of a horn like a trumpet

that trumpet voice sounds and aroma is sweet and bitter

but it is heard nevertheless hope comes

and the thorns cannot not stop him

he has already conquered the thorns before

that lily fears not

she trusts because

the redeemer comes

she is still

she waits


Christ waited patiently in the garden when he knew that time was close, but he was still and he prayed. He was heard as his voice was a s a trumpet to the Lord. We are part of his body and our voice is heard.

How he loves us

This is considered a sacred text to those who are students that are dedicated to understanding truth . This book is in the Apocrypha of which the narrative of its authenticity has been questioned, held hostage and down right suppressing it is a disservice to Christians worldwide. I bring this up because In my spirit I believe that this text is a testimony of faith in our Creator and savoir, not man. it has been a