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Welcome 2 Or More Gathered Group

Anytime you want to share a news article, video, encouraging message and sermons, you can share them here. This is an area that is similar to the groups we have on Facebook. It is a one stop shop. All in one place and we can comment and encourage one another. Right above is the chat. It is open for anyone to chat that is within our group. It is a group chat. That is a different sign in as the members sign in. I used the same ID name and password for both. I am currently trying to get the bugs worked out of another app that I will be adding.

It would give us many more options for the chat. Like video, one on one, like at Facebook. We can do video group chats as this app would be like messenger. This is an alternative to Facebook as we are learning about all the security concerns these days.

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Jun 18, 2018

so LetYourSparkleShineBrightly remains separate from the bottom 3 tabs as those 3 tabs are password protected...correct?


Can you see my comment?

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