When Your Heart Is Broken And You Need God To Catch You

How have you been praying lately? Praying with words you think you should  say or praying from where you are and being totally honest with God about what’s going on inside your heart?

When we pray, we want to come to God with sweet flowing words. Words full of faith. Words as sweet as honey. Because He deserves them all and we, His children, all we want is just to please Him.

And sometimes, we hide that creeping loneliness or that brokenness in our soul… afraid that God would not be pleased with such offering.

“Would God think I don’t have enough faith?”

“Would He be disappointed at my weakness?”

“Will He think I`m worthless and I don’t deserve His love?”

I don`t come with profound words that could make a little poetry book… Not with the usually bubbly tone that shouts “Daddy!” as I run to Him from afar. I come with my little offering in my hands–and a very unlikely offering at that. I come with shattered, broken pieces in my hands.

I know God accepts hearts that are offered to Him.  I know He accepts prayers whispered to Him. But how about broken hearts? Would Daddy accept the broken little heart offered by His daughter’s hands?

Daddies Love To Fix Everything That’s Broken

When little children break something, they hesitate to come to Dad. We fear how he would react. Will he get angry? Is he gonna blame me? We have these things running in our minds. Perhaps a little afraid. Ashamed.

But Daddies… they’re always ready to fix Barbie’s broken leg. Untie that knot on our rubber shoes. Glue to fix that little chip on the vase. Hammer. Screw. Cut. Forgive. And hold to heal that little broken heart. Until the pain fades away. Until the tears dry up and loneliness melts away.

Just like Jesus. Just like our Heavenly Father.

I love that story of the boy who tangled up h