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Why We Don't Need More Followers

I never had a follower.

When I started doing these notes, videos and poems, suddenly I wanted followers.

I wanted people to recognize me and like me.

In the beginning, it was unhealthy for me–this craving and insatiable desire to be followed.

I was sucked into the vortex of growing something bigger and better, something about and for me.

It has took me a while to realize that in order to have followers, I needed to be a leader or at least lead well. You know, as in follow-the-leader.

But it took a lot of getting on my face before the Lord and humbling myself and sacrifice for me to understand that I don’t need followers at all.

I need to focus my attention on following Him. And in doing that, He makes me a leader.

Jesus isn’t desperate for more followers.

He is desperate to make the dead alive.

He didn’t try to boost His numbers or grow His crowd. There aren’t numerical records boasting of his success. He was desperate all right, but just for what mattered.

I want to be like Him: Free of the burden to be somebody, void of the desire to make my name known; Empty of the drive to have more and more fans following me.

We don’t need more followers (or friends or fame),

We Need More of Him.

More of You and Less of Me

Written by: Lisa Hunter 5/15/2011

I often ask You, when I pray

God, why is my life always this way?

Day in and day out, it's always the same.

I know now God, that I am to blame.

I found that in my selfish life,

it's full of pride and full of strife.

I realize then, You helped me see,

I want more of You and less of me.

There are storms that come, but soon they're gone.

I trust in Your hand, the strength of our bond.

You will lift me up, when I stumble and fall.

Then You carry me through, when I'm humble and call.

I lean on You when, I am weak.

It's Your sweet face, that I seek.

I love you more than life itself.

You're the jewel I seek, instead of wealth.

When I speak or when I sing.

When I can't do anything.

I want the world to know and see.

More of You and less of me.

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Good bless you sister!!

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