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Prayers For Many Types Of Needs

Prayer of encouragement 
Heavenly Father we all face trials, hardships and grieving moments. The fellowship we have one with another is a beautiful treasure and an extension of your love because we see you in our brothers and sisters. You bring us together in unity and in harmony of love and truth of your Holy Spirit. Lord help us when we face trials in this life to lean on you for strength. Help us to call on You for clarity and understanding.Help us to pray and to keep the eyes and ears of our hearts open so that we can receive the message you have to give. We know that you always hear us and that you delight in us having life more abundantly in you Jesus.. Help us to lean on you instead of leaning on our own understanding as your ways are so much higher than ours and Lord you truly know all things. help us to trust and surrender to your will. Give us the strength we need to overcome and press forward, and remind us always that You are aware of what touches us as you search out the desires of our hearts and know us better than anyone. You see even one sparrow that falls and we are worth more than sparrows. Thank you Lord, for not leaving us comfortless, sustaining us and bringing us to a place of peace and not a false peace that is found in the world.. Thank You for Your great love that preserves, endures, protects and is unfailing and also steadfast. We exalt your name above all names and every hallelujah belong to you Jesus! We pray this in Jesus Christ Yahshua's precious matchless name. Amen and amen.

Grab your bibles for prayers of thanks, mercy and encouragement. Psalms 27, 90 & 45

Prayer For Lost Sheep 
Heavenly Father the journey of every one of your children starts with faith and salvation in hearing the good news. Lord i understand how important your word is and sharing it with others. it carries the Holy Spirit within the truth of the words. As a witness and a divine living spirit that changes things. Yes Lord, your word is alive. I pray that your word would go forth to many hearts worldwide. that you would raise up an army of helping hands to share the word. Lord I pray that those who her the words of your testimony that their ears would be un-stopped and their eyes would be opened like a new born baby. Lord i pray that the hearts of those who would hear your words, that a fresh new saving grace would enter in and change the course of their eternity. A life of promise in you Jesus Christ. With a heavenly home with the father, and rightful place in the family and kingdom of our great Creator, our Lord and our King. lord you know the needs of the salvation, you know the locations and the circumstances. I am praying in faith that all those praying in the spirit of liberty for those in spiritual bondage will continue to pray the prayer for the lost. Lord that in your perfect timing souls will be drawn unto you and will be saved. Lord I have faith that the prayers around the world for the lost are being heard and that the fruit of that love will come into fruition in its perfect timing. Thank you Lord that we can pray to you for these good things and these blessings and know that your able because you did it for us. You set us free. Lord I pray that the spirit of repentance would saturate hearts in your great and mighty name. That they would turn to you Jesus for that miracle of life for them, for the miracle of chains falling would come to their heart. Thank you Lord for your supernatural touch that changes our course and sets us in steps of faith. I thank you Lord for your grace , mercy and forgiveness that is perfect in every way. thank you for loving us through all our faults and forgiving us in our repentance. Lord help us to turn away and walk that path to you. thank you for staying by our side in all things. In Jesus Christ, Yeshua 's name I pray amen.
Grab your bibles for prayers of encouragement and protection. Psalms 23, 91, 28  & 59 

Prayers For Our Fellow Brothers And Sisters 
Heavenly Father I come rejoicing in your Holy name. Lord I am glad for you loving kindness toward your church , your bride, your remnant. I am thankful for the awareness and the awakening of our hearts and spirits in these times and the seasons Lord. This discernment it precious to us Lord. We understand you calling for us to finish the course and not to give up. Your calling us to put on our strength and to arise and shine in Jesus Christ name. Lord you are gathering your saints worldwide and I pray that through your Holy Spirit that a great and mighty move of unity and harmony will come to your saints. That they heed the call to assemble in spirit and in truth to share the good news of the Gospel. To be apart of a great revival person, by person.Lord establish our hearts in peace, love and joy in our savoir Christ Jesus our King. Your word says that all nations will praise your name for all the good that you do for them. Lord you are truly the hope of the world and I pray that those who are called by your mighty name will go forth and share the good news that your coming for your church. Lord direct us to places of the imprisoned , the sick, the lost and those who have backsliden. Help us to share your love with them and that their faith may rise in Jesus name. We don't know the day or the hour but we know the season because we hear your footsteps approaching. That blessed hope is written on the table of our hearts. Lord help us to be your servants in your purpose and will for your kingdom to come. help us to get our houses in order so that our walk may be more aligned in your will for us. Lord help us to be at service to those who are in need in our churches, communities, schools and neighborhoods. Help us point to you Jesus, your the great mountain mover. Refresh our faith, revive our hope, renew our trust and repair our hearts. Lord restore what has been stolen and make what has been desolate flourish and spring forth with new life. Lord I pray that your dwelling with us in our hearts brings the rewards and benefits of a loving relationship with you. That your always there with us in our struggles, that you would increase our fruitfulness, and your will lend your ears to our prayers. Your see us in our need and cover us with your wing and it comforts us so much. We gladly bless your name and praise your name in the highest places of our hearts. We offer you the highest praise because you are so worthy of it. Because of our love is set on you, your love rests on us also. Thank you Lord Jesus for showing us as a body, and a family that the giving and forgiving nature of your heart is a wonderful attribute of yours. Help us to see your wonderful character so that we can try to be the best that we can be. Your words inspire us, instruct us and establish a trust in you that is amazing.We can count on you Lord Jesus. Thank you for shielding us and thank you for warning us against the snares of the enemy. I pray this in humbleness and thanksgiving. In the precious , matchless name of Jesus Christ, Yeshau's I pray amen.


Grab you bibles for prayers of praise & adoration to the Lord.Psalms 103, 139, 148, 149

Prayer For Salvation And Relationship With The Lord
Heavenly Father I pray for your love, grace and mercy to surround and encamp around your children Lord. I ask that those who have not come the truth and knowledge of our savoir, that they would some to the light out of the darkness. Thank you Lord for all those who hear your voice and heed your calling to come into the light of Christ. lord i pray that blessings of truth, wisdom, understanding and knowledge would come to the hearts and souls of those who would receive. I pray that you would multiply our faith, hope, love, charity, joy, gladness and peace. Lord rebuild our unity in your great and mighty name,our ability to forgive, show integrity and dignity. help us Lord to rediscover the meaning of what is it to be a peacemaker and to be meek and humble. We are never done learning and we are always growing in Christ. I pray that fresh insight and perspective can be brought to our fruitfulness. I truly value the times that you show me more and challenge me to step up when I think it is to hard. Lord your gentleness in helping me grow in relationship with you is something of great worth to me. Thank you for always working things for our good and further growth. Lord help us to have a greater faith and hope in our ability to answer prayers, preform miracles, signs and wonders. help us to lay our has on our fellow brothers and sisters in encouragement that your the great healer and physician. help us to pray the prayer of faith that you will move mountains and change things all for your us to believe that your an awesome God who defends, delivers and sets free.I pray for a spirit of expectancy in your people Lord. I pray that we can with authority and obedience to your commandments rebuke any temptations to have greed, lust, envy or jealousy. Help those who struggle to reject the false doctrines, false idols and gods and false witness. Lord help those who need deliverance to resist all things that go against your commandments like adultery, murder, stealing, lying and disrespect of others and their property. Lord thank you that these laws are etched on our hearts and that we agree with the standard you set before us. Thank you Lord that your our hope and you are the salt and the light of the world. We want to walk the walk of faith that we know that you will never leave our side and no matter what we face you will help us to overcome every obstacle. Your our victory Jesus, the great conqueror. Thank you for everything you give and all that you do. In Jesus Christ amen I pray amen.

Grab your bible for prayers of rescue, forgiveness and  deliverance. Psalms 69, 51 & 124

Prayer For The Government And The Media
Heavenly Father I come in prayer for our Government and agencies and our Media. Lord these are areas that have a voice in our society. I pray that you would continue to bring exposure, revealing of things done in the dark and that you would uncover any plots, plans ,schemes and ploys against the american people. Lord we wish to stand on truth and have transparency. It is very disheartening Lord to hear te news and the lies, deceit and manipulation going forth. Lord we do not agree or want to be apart of all the corruption. Many Lord are crying out to you for justice and for fairness. Lord some do not understand the magnitude of the chaos and the voices being used as a weapon of warfare. Lord I pray that you would calm the waters of the hearts and spirits that are aware and awake to this hour and season. Lord I pray that you would bring them to a place of rest and green pastures. Lord that they may collect their thoughts, and reflect in you. Lord this time of your presence and being under your wing can be refreshing and full of revelation in you. Lord you bring so much clarity and understanding when we can be still and listen for your voice in all the noise. Lord we can have perspective and knowledge from you of the big picture. That Lord is a blessing and a comfort. Your word says that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and wickedness in high places. Help us Lord to remain in prayer with you and to rest our trust in you. I lift up the executive branch, the legislative branch and the judicial branch to you Lord. I pray that your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. There is so much going on in these branches that all I know to pray is for you to have your way Lord. that your will is always greater than ours and I pray for your will to be done. Lord I pray for a change in the hearts and spirits of those within the government offices and agencies. Lord I realize that there are many rebellious working in these offices but I do lift them up in prayer that some will come to the truth and knowledge of Christ Jesus. That their hearts may be softened and that they can be used by you. Lord Saul/Paul had a Jesus moment and I believe that it can still happen today. I pray for dreams and visions to come to the unbelievers and that revelation of Christ Jesus will enter hearts. Lord I pray that those who are set free may be a bold and courageous voice of truth against the false narrative agenda. Lord I am lifting up this prayer to you in faith that your ability to change things will be where my hope is. This giant is in need of a stone of truth. I pray that this ripple effect reaches Congress, The House of Reps, Judges, Governors and Senators. I pray that this spiritual move would be for your glory, honor and praise. Lord we exalt your name above all names! Your the great redeemer and the great deliverer. Lord I pray that this mighty move of truth can reach the churches, newspapers, magazines, new stations, radio stations, patriots and the truth-er movement. Lord I pray that this spiritual liberty movement reaches doctors, lawyers, investigators, policeman, fireman, nurses, veterans and all throughout our communities. Thank you Lord that I know that you will awaken and equip more for your kingdom. Thank you Lord for always working things for our good and restoring what the enemy has stolen. You have restored much in my life and I believe that you can restore many things in America. America will never be the same but we can be made new in you Jesus! Thank you Lord for hearing our petitions, cries and prayers. Thank you for placing the desire for to care and pray for families in america. Thank you for all those brothers and sisters to pry faithfully to you for change in America, Israel and worldwide. In Jesus name I pray amen.

Grab you bibles for a prayer of help from the Lord. Psalms 120, 121, 123 & 126

Prayer For Churches And Schools
Heavenly Father i come today in prayer for our communities Lord.I want to lift up the fabric of our society up to you as your our hope, the light, the truth and the way. lord Jesus we need you every hour. Not one of us is righteous, but your grace is sufficient. I thank you Lord for a way of repentance to you. That gate or door to forgiveness is right to you Christ Jesus. Your blood covers us and protects us. I pray that the truth and knowledge of your cross reaches more and more hearts Lord. that many will continue to come in repentance and pray for change. It is truly healing and so touching that we can come as we are and you with open arms forgive us and love us. I lift up to you Lord Jesus our Education system and those who work in the system. Holy Spirit I pray for change in the hearts of the students, teachers, janitors, lunch ladies, principles and administration. Lord a great and mighty move of the Holy Spirit of truth in the hearts of the therapists, nurses, secretaries , coaches and all those who work with the students. lord it all starts with one heart at a time. I pray that you would place helping hands in these places and that your ministering angels with be at work with these hearts and spirits. I ask Lord that you would poor out this blessing in the universities and the colleges. Raise up a standard Lord and brothers and sisters that can be a shining light and the salt and savor of those colleges, that points to our savoir Christ! Lord I pray that same change and mighty move in the churches of america. that they can get back to the roots of the truth and that is the word and testimony of the bible. Lord I pray that you would bless your shepherds, reverends, pastors, evangelists, missionaries, administrators, leaders, choirs and those who lead the children. Lord bless them with faith, hope, wisdom, clarity, knowledge, understanding and perspective. Lord I ask that blessings be poured out and that a great and mighty move would come about. Lord so that the churches that have the enemy occupying may be driven out so that people can return to the fresh manna of the word. Lord that the nourishment of the church can be restored back to the truth and the spirit of you Jesus. I pray that your name will be exalted in the churches and congregations and that they will restored, renewed, refreshed and revived in Jesus name! rebuild our hearts Lord for a stronger self in you lord and that we can walk in out authority as Christians. that we can be set free and able to walk over scorpions and serpents. Lord I pray that the authority of the church can shine a light of hope in you Jesus as your the source of our victory. Thank you Lord for staying close and enduring with us. In Jesus Christ Name I pray amen.

Grab your bible for prayers of blessings. Psalms 128, 1, 2, 144, 73, and 32


Prayer Of Blessing
Heavenly Father I come to you in prayer for tour blessings and for rain to fall on your body of Christ/remnant. Lord I ask that we can continue to grow, mature. That we may gain clarity and wisdom of your word and in your son Christ Jesus our hope and savoir. Thank you Heavenly Father that you establish us in faith and in hope through Christ, that we do not operate in double mindedness. Lord help us remain firmly rooted and on a foundation of truth in your word and in guidance of the Holy Spirit of truth. That Lord truly brings shalom to our spirit and completes us so that our joy may be full . Thank you Lord for caring and loving us so very much and providing for our well being in body, mind and spirit. You are the anchor in the storm of the tempest and your the strong tower when the winds of life are blowing to wildly. Lord I thank you that you provided a way for us to stand on the rock of truth our foundation, your word and that as we grow in discernment. Help us tp stay focused in Christ so that we can spot false doctrine and trust when it doesn't set well with our spirit. Lord I pray for a fresh anointing of discernment for your church so that more can be awakened and aware of the enemy at all times. The enemy wants to distract, to destroy and to manipulate. Lord I pray for the eyes and ears of the hearts to be opened and the door to our spirit will hear the call of our savoir to "arise and shine". Lord I pray that you would direct our thoughts and words to us so that we can speak in love and in truth to our brothers and sisters. help us to walk in unity and harmony in Christ and his word. Lord help us and direct us that we can be an encouragement, to pray for them and share with them as we point to you Jesus, our savoir when times get tough. Help us to be strong as a body because our faith is strong and we trust in your ability to bring lasting change in our lives.Thank you Lord for the blessings our fellowship with our brothers and sisters. Lord bless us with a holy boldness and great courage to share our testimony of your work in our life so that ears can hear. Help us to testify of your saving grace and your miracles that are marvelous to those so that eyes may see.That we may give you glory for all things and the doors of hearts may be opened by that truth. Lord help us to grow together in relationship with you and to share our faith walk daily with one another. I am so very thankful for your instruction and the standard you set before us and ask that your strength will be our strength as we continue to press in to you Jesus. Lord I pray that you would bless us with endurance and bravery to finish the race and keep our faith and hope intact. That we can rest assured that when we are weak you are strong. I pray that you would bless us with a spiritual rain and that we may prosper in spiritual riches of fruitfulness. I pray that you bring us into alignment with you will and purpose for us everyday. Help us Lord to remain reverent to you and to be subject to your headship over the church. Help us to surrender to your will, purpose and to your kingdom to come. Establish us Lord so that we can be a part of something so much bigger than anything we could ever be on our own. Purify and sanctify our hearts for you Lord and remove all things that do not belong. Lord bless us with a better self and add the things you want for us to prosper in! Lord kindle the desires of our hearts to be for you and fuel it with the power of your Holy Spirit .Every hallelujah belongs to you Lord Jesus as your the source of our every blessing. In Jesus Christ, Yeshua's name I pray amen.

Grab your bibles for more prayers of praise to the Lord! Psalms 19, 29. 30, 33, & 118 


Prayer Of Praise To Jesus 
Heavenly father , hallowed be thy name. Holy , holy, holy is your name Lord. You are the one that was, and is and is to come! All the glory, honor, praise and worship belongs to you. I am so thankful for everything that you do for your children. Confirmation of your word, blessings in abundance and gifts off grace that you shed on us. Your mercy and truth endure all things and forever. Thank you Lord for these very foundations. Hallelujah, you are on the throne and you reign and that is where my trust rests, in you Lord. You created the heavens, the earth, the universe , the seas and all that is in it. How gracious you are to us that we can delight in your creation and give thanks. You are worthy lord of every adoration and devotion of your children, we owe so much to your great giving heart toward us. Help us Lord to give in love like you do for those who are in need. Lord that we can magnify and glorify your name above all names. lord help us to have a heart of praise that we can lift up our voices every day and give a sacrifice of praise and worship to you. Kindle the Holy Ghost fire in our hearts that the desire to please you and be obedient to your instruction and commandments burns in our bones Lord. let their be a universal worship of all those who have breathe to exalt your great and mighty name Jesus. You are our all in all and your blood atonement is sufficient. That day on Calvary was your victory over the enemy and for that I am truly thankful. Thank you Jesus for giving up your life so that w could have a life more abundantly in you.Thank you for giving a piece of yourself that day that we can never truly repay. Your grace is perfect, your love is perfect and I ask and pray that our faith may be made perfect in you Lord Jesus Christ. I pray in humbleness and in truth. In Jesus Christ name I pray amen.

PLEADING THE BLOOD OF JESUS- Father in heaven, may we all be cleansed in our SPIRITS by the saving blood of Jesus; may our consciences be purged of dead works and filled with the inspired word of the Lord. Scripture says that evil is defeated by the blood of the Lamb, so we ask that the blood of Jesus cover all who are in need of protection (all civil, religious and government leaders, branches of government, military, community workers,our families, friends,our homes). We pray over our enemies, those who use us and persecute us. Lord I pray that a power encounter with Christ, a dream, a vision or revelation will bless them and lead the to salvation and truth. We mark the borders of our Nation and the door posts of our churches, homes, schools and places of employment with the precious blood of Jesus. We pray that evil and wickedness would pass over the children of God and that our family will continue to grow as more come to the truth and knowledge of Christ Jesus. Also, we cover our vehicles with the blood of Christ Jesus that no one may ever be injured through them and that they may continue to be a tool for us to share the gospel and carry us from place to place as we further the Kingdom of Christ. Lord bless our hands as we work and bless our footsteps as we walk in faith. Thank you Lord for shedding your blood for us. May the water and blood that came from the side of Jesus create a protecting fountain of grace, love , mercy and forgiveness to everyone who would receive it and believe on the true savoir, Yeshua!! For it is the fountain which flows directly from the Throne of God to us. Come Lord and fill us with your Holy Spirit. Cover us with your promise and truth. IN Jesus Christ, Yeshua's name I pray  Amen!

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