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I believe that the Lord has blessed me with a good understanding and comprehension of some areas in the sciences. In saying this, I am however, by no means an authority in those subjects. By His grace, mercy and gifting I received training and knowledge of such things. Infectious disease processes fascinate me. My desire to know how these things work on their own and within the human and animal immune system has for a long time intrigued me. I was very much blessed to have been able to receive and participate in gathering knowledge in this area. And so comes the difficult part. I am one of those people who gather facts and data. I view much from a perspective of the whole. I tend to analyze and I tend to view much as a systems approach. I tend to hold fast to context. This perspective can get me into trouble. I often find it necessary to seek the Lord for courage and wisdom. I often ask the Lord to give me discernment for when to speak and when to be quiet. The times that we are in today and with the obvious confusion and lack of trust in government, agencies and authorities in the government resources and in the medical professional journals and studies in my own country, as well as the world...signal me to keep seeking the Lord for guidance, help, discernment and more importantly...the truth in all things relative.

I was so delighted to have recently heard a Pastor speak similarly on this matter. The Pastor admitted and stated openly that the amount of confusion and contradictory statements and facts offered by Medically minded authorities in the world are obviously in disagreement and disarray. (paraphrased) The Pastor openly admitted that He has now found it essential to rely and trust solely on the Word of God which is the Truth and the only reliable source of Truth left in this world. The pastor was speaking specifically about what is being labeled by many in authority as "the pandemic." He also applied this to prophecy currently transpiring. As well, the Pastor also applied this to BLM phenomena or BLM's political and philosophical dimension. I stand with this Pastor in agreement.


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